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Deadlines for Early Registration and for Oral Presentation abstract submission extended until May 22th 2015

Dear colleagues/friends:

it is a great pleasure to announce the VII Mediterranean Organic Chemistry Meeting (VII REQOMED), to be held in Málaga, Spain, 10-12 June, 2015.

This scientific congress will be focus on the presentation and discussion of research works concerning any theoretical and practical aspects in the Organic Chemistry. Participation is open to organic chemists and scientist from other related research fields, coming from every Mediterranean country.

Málaga, located in Andalucía, is the heart of the Costa del Sol where it is never winter. Ancient and cosmopolitan, is nowadays the first power of the Andalusian tourism, maintaining its tradition of welcoming and creative living earth.

The history of this peculiar city runs between sea and mountain, witnessing the economic and cultural boom of the western Mediterranean. The Phoenician Malaka became a prosperous commercial center, but the period of commercial and cultural glory days came after the Muslim invasion of the eighth century, where its territory was integrated in the Moorish kingdom of Granada. In the nineteenth century, steel mills, the powerful textile industry and marketing of the Larios wines, provides an important economic development in the province. After decades of crisis, in the second half of the twentieth century, Málaga achieved rapid economic growth thanks to the tourism industry.

Every year millions of people around the world choose this wonderful land to rest on its sunny beaches or know its rich architectural heritage. The historical city center has been recently recovered, providing a wonderful walking space to enjoy the new cultural offers The Picasso and Carmen Thyssem Museum. Additionally in 2011, the port has been completely renovated, becoming a new space for the city connected with the center (which is within walking distance). It is a walk along the port on which there are many restaurants, shopping center and several shops. It is also a great place for walking, either on foot or by bicycle.

In addition, visitors will find an endless cuisine. The smaller fish (anchovies, mullet, squid and baby squid) presented in frying, the typical “Pescaito frito”, is the symbol of a kitchen simply exquisite palate development. Gazpacho is prepared in Malaga in multiple ways, also Ajo blanco and Porra Antequerana are typical and attractive plates. The wines, muscat grapes and raisins and Pedro Ximénez are internationally renowned. A world of flavors that visitor can enjoy in this wonderful land.

We hope to see you in Málaga.

Ezequiel Pérez-Inestrosa